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Dear Issi




“When I no longer made sense to myself, Issi listened.  She acknowledged my uncertainties and fears, encouraging me to sit with them without the need to fight them or shut them down.  She showed me the peace I was seeking could be found by accepting the past and ‘what is’.  She helped me to understand the responsibility was not held by the child I once was and taught me to hold myself with compassion.  Thank you Xx”

“Issi has been such a valuable emotional support for us at school, helping both the parents and children with a wide range of issues.  She has made a huge difference to the children’s lives. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

“Dear Issi, Just can’t thank you enough for everything, you really are wonderful! Continue being “You”, lots of love…”

“Dear Issi, Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I really appreciated it. Thank you for all your help and support.  I hope we can still keep in contact. I will miss you, thank you x”

“Dear Issi, Thank you so much for all the support you have given our daughter.  It has made such a difference to her, and how she views her family problems. I think you have set her up for life!  Many thanks”

“To Issi, Thank you for being there for us”

“Dear Issi, I have really appreciated all your help.  You have helped me come a long way. Thank you”

“Thank you very much I will miss our conversations very much.  They have been wonderful and always lift my mood. I shall miss you much x”




“It’s good to talk about your life instead of bottling it all up. I feel like I can open up about things more.  I have enjoyed the counselling and I would like to be a counsellor when I get older”

“I have had the chance to talk about my feelings and thoughts without having to worry about people finding out.  I have a way to deal with them. I have realised other problems have been the cause of bigger things going on in my life.  I now don’t have to carry round feelings and thoughts with me all day and can let them all go”

“I can get rid of my feelings and I now understand I’m upset.  My friends now understand that I am upset and give me more support”

“Issi has helped me to talk about my anxiety and my family issues.  She has helped me to control my anxiety at home. I am less stressed and tense now and more relaxed.  I can now understand why things happen and also because I am now able to talk to people and ask for help”

“It’s really helped to just open to someone that I can actually trust for once and gives good help.  Counselling has impacted the way I see things”

“It gives me a chance to talk to someone I trust and who will help me on everything I’m going through at school and at home.  Telling someone how I feel is a big thing for me and it has to be someone kind and who I trust, who it is 😊 It was originally hard at the start but with the help that has been given to me has helped and I feel more comfortable in school and has got all my worries off my mind.  I think I’m very lucky to got to have counselling because if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now”

“If I’ve had a bad week, I have somebody to talk to and can talk about how I feel inside.  I’ve had someone to talk to and explain how some days have turned out. The counselling has been about what’s going on at home and it makes me feel more happy about the rest of the lessons on Wednesday”

“I’ve found it helpful to talk about how I felt.  I feel like I now understand the reasoning for my ‘wall’ and I can deal with it”

“It’s helped me to try and talk to my parents about issues more.  I’ve realised that lots of my friends have gone to counselling and it’s made me feel more confident at the amount of people who go and it’s not just me. It has been a good experience”

“I enjoy talking and it helps me with my day.  I feel great at school.  Issi is awesome!

“It has allowed me to speak about my worries and to talk to people.  I don’t feel I’m by myself.  Counselling has made me feel comfortable about anything and my concerns”

“I can talk to somebody about how I have felt and been able to get things off my chest.  I have been able to say everything I wanted to say and this has helped me to cope with my anxiety and stress.  It’s been there the whole time listening and giving me feedback”

Issi Grow.png

“It has given me a chance to talk about how I feel and why I feel like that and helped guide me back up when I’m down. It has helped me rebuild friendships and also see the positive side of the situation.  I can concentrate more on my school work instead of other issues and I can talk to my friends at school about other things”

“It has helped me with my anger and helped me talk about the loss in my family and also family issues.  It’s helped me to talk about my anger and why it’s sometimes good to be angry.  I’m able to take a breather before getting angry and also realising why I may have trust issues” 

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